The Session Monster

 Say Hello to the Session Monster!

Picture of the Session Monster, an orange monster (in the style of Sesame Street's Cookie Monster), with a cookie in his hand
It’s the Session Monster, the adorable totally not copyright infringing parody, who only wants your sessions!

Hey, it’s the Session Monster! The beloved, totally not copyright infringing parody of a certain blue monster, who only wants to steal your session, hijack your accounts, and take over your bank accounts… not to mention steal your heart! Nah, but seriously.

Project Overview

Anyway, the Session Monster was a quick little project of mine, meant to complement a tutorial I wrote for this site. The process for the Session Monster started with a quick hand drawn image. I based him off a couple different pictures of the Cookie Monster. I then scanned him with a scanner, then using Adobe Illustrator, I converted the line-work into a vector. From there, I imported him into Adobe Photoshop, where I proceeded to paint him in. In this case, I predominantly used layer masks to aide in the painting process.

Really, when it came to coloring, I found some of the shading to be a bit weird. My main reference being a quick snapshot of the full body of the Cookie Monster, which happened to be really dark. I initially, when shading, had a highlight, and shadow layer. However, I found that the highlights weren’t working out. When I hid the highlights, the image looked¬†so much better. So, I removed them.

Besides the experience with shading, this project was actually was my first project to use my new Wacom Intuous tablet (Ooooh, much fancy! Such wow!)! Anyway, I actually didn’t have the tablet when I first started the project. This is why I started with a hand drawn image. I actually delayed working on it until I got my tablet, and in the end, most of the shading work was done with my Wacom.

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