6 Reasons to Hire Someone to Build Your Website

In this day of SquareSpace and Wix, it is easier than ever for the average person to build a website. These website building tools are capable of producing good websites. With that said, there are still good reasons to hire someone to build your website for you, and this post explains six of them.

Note that I use the phrase “web developer”. There are places where “web designer” may be better, and other places where another term would work best. In this article, I’m using it to describe someone who creates websites professionally.

1. It Takes Time to Build a Website

No matter how much experience you have making websites, building one takes time. If you’re running a business, you’re already going to be juggling many tasks. You can hire a web developer to handle the website, and free up more time for other issues.

2. Project Management and Planning

Many jobs I’ve worked on, I was hired to fix a partially complete website. The client tried building it themselves, ran into a stumbling block, and then hired me. The first step was often to scrap the site, and restart from scratch, wasting time and money.

Different tools are better for different types of websites. WordPress is good for blogs, Shopify works with web stores, and other tools are better for other jobs. You can hire a web developer to help plan your website and prevent unnecessary loss of time and unnecessary spending.

3. Knowing How to Expand Your Web Presence

In the era of social media, Etsy, Ebay, and the likes, web presence is rarely only a website. For example, a business may run a web store on both their own site and on Etsy, and use Etsy’s reputation to help draw more business.

That being said, different businesses have different opportunities. An experienced web developer knows what platforms a client should also expand to.

4. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization

Google and Bing are search engines, tools that make money by curating data from the internet. Search engines compete for that money by working to return high quality search results. In response, web developers started noting what tricks made their websites appear more often in search results.

What was born was an art called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. You can learn to handle this constantly changing bag of tricks, but it takes time and money. Experienced web developers already know the basics, and actively adapt to new strategies so you don’t have to.

5. Web Developers Know Other Content Creators

Websites are no longer basic text on an bland, boring page. A modern website can include graphics, videos, and other types of media. Though many developers wear many hats, you will rarely find one who can cover all the bases.

However, web developers know graphic designers, photographers, and other freelancers who fill the gaps of their skill sets. They keep in contact with content producers who have done good work for them in the past. A web developer can help you take the guesswork out of finding and making deals with these other content creators.

6. You Still May End Up Needing a Web Developer

Again, platforms like SquareSpace and Wix have simple, drag-and-drop site builders that produce quality results. However, these site building tools have their limits.

SquareSpace allows for custom design and coding on its higher tier plans. Wix, on the other hand, allows for some custom coding, but design is more or less limited to their pre-built themes. You may find yourself hiring a web developer in the long term to expand or outright rebuild your website.


So, these were six reasons to hire a professional to build your website. Building a website yourself is quite possible, but can be a time consuming and unintuitive process. Hiring a professional can spare you some of these headaches, and allow you to spend time on other important tasks.